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Sonare Objectives:

To promote culture, defend and preserve the historic and artistic legacy, develop studies and research, alternative technologies; to produce and broadcast information, technical and scientific knowledge in the area of Music thus promoting its interaction with the defense, promotion, and preservation of the environment and its sustainable development. Sonare aims to:



  • promote, organize, sponsor and coordinate educational and cultural activities mainly linked to sound and music, preserving the environment;
  • expand the cultural interchange of professors, students, music experts and amateurs, with other musical centers, cultural and educational, public and private organizations, located in Brazil or abroad;
  • organize cultural excursions for individuals, groups, orchestras, or music experts to other countries;
  • produce media works for artistic works and for music education;
  • carry through research and documentation projects and disseminate contemporary musical production;
  • collaborate with governmental offices in the execution of public activities and partner with private companies to implement private activities;
  • provide counsel to other entities and musical centers in Brazil and abroad;
  • publish clients' activities;
  • grant music scholarships to those who cannot afford classes, according to our objectives and according the laws of the Executive Council;
  • promote environment education, especially when related to sound and music, in an articulated manner, formal and informal, in all levels and modalities of of the educative process;
  • develop projects and programs directed to sensitize the community on environment issues, social organization for the defense of the quality of the environment, music production and the use of music in these many contexts;
  • partner with several types of socio-cultural, educational, commercial, ecoturistic entities, with mass communication media, and non-governmental organizations in order to promote activities directed to sensitize the community on life quality and culture preservation.